Labour Youth is holding a public meeting in Swords tomorrow on the issue of Zero Hour Contracts.

Labour Councillor for Swords, Duncan Smith, will be one of the guest speakers.

The event will take place at 7pm at the Rivervalley Community Centre, Swords. Other speakers include Paddy Cole, SIPTU and Labour Youth Campaigns Officer Grace Williams.

National Chairperson of Labour Youth Jack Eustace stated: “We are holding this event as part of our campaign to end Zero Hour Contracts and to spread the word on this issue and the impact of Zero Hour Contracts to local areas.”

The Labour Party in Government is taking serious action on zero-hour and low-hour contracts and it has long been the top economic policy priority of Labour Youth. We will now spread the word on this issue and the action being taken to young people on the ground who are affected by uncertain working hours and income.”

National Campaigns Officer Grace Williams commented: “Last month we launched our updated policy document ‘Tackling Zero Hour Contracts’ which includes proposals to end Zero Hour Contracts. Labour Youth believes that, in the interests of both fairness and the development of the economy, we as a society should urgently tackle the issue of Zero Hour Contracts and we will continue to campaign on this issue.

People in Labour Youth and our counterparts in the trade union movement, as well as many others, find it next to impossible to organise their lives around these precarious work conditions. We look forward to Labour delivering on its commitment to act on the findings of the UL study. In the meantime, we will continue to spread the word on the need to end Zero Hour Contracts.
When: Thursday 14 May, 7pm

Where: The Rivervalley Community Centre, Swords

Speakers: Paddy Cole, SIPTU; Cllr Duncan Smith; Grace Williams, Labour Youth Campaigns Officer

Commission Proposals on Migrant Crisis are ‘Inadequate’


Triton 9.5.16

Labour Youth has taken part in a Europe-wide day of action organised by the Young European Socialists in response to the European Commission’s ‘inadequate’ proposals to stem the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean.

International Officer for Labour Youth Kerri Ryan said: “It is imperative we stand in solidarity with our comrades across Europe to highlight this problem. Recently we witnessed harrowing tragedies causing hundreds of deaths in the Mediterranean, but we feel the proposals of the Commission which emerged today are inadequate and won’t deal with the issue.

“Our actions are in response to the 10-step plan recently released by the European Commission. It includes the aim to ‘capture and destroy’ vessels used by smugglers, as well as establishing a new return programme for rapid deportation of irregular migrants, co-ordinated by Frontex. Meanwhile on the side of life-saving measures, very little was actually promised.”

Vice President of the Young European Socialists and Labour Youth member Neil Warner also said: “We in YES felt that we could no longer stand back and do nothing as the situation continues to deteriorate. That’s why we organised a European Action Day, calling on our colleagues to highlight the issue however they can in their respective countries.”



Check the Register 1

John Lyons TD today took part in a photo op outside the National College of Ireland to encourage more young people to ensure they are registered to vote for Marriage Equality.

Speaking at the event, Deputy Lyons commented: “It’s extremely worrying that 120,000 young people are still not registered to vote. On May 22nd this generation will have a historic chance to break with the past and guarantee Marriage Equality for gay and lesbian couples. Polls are tightening so it’s more important than ever that everyone who wants to see a Yes vote makes sure they can have their say on the 22nd.”

Labour Youth National Chairperson Jack Eustace added: “When we look back on this referendum in years to come, it’s going to be a real defining moment in our country’s history. We want to make sure that as many young people as possible are a part of making Marriage Equality a reality. Voter registration campaigns like the USI’s have done amazing work already, but there’s still a significant group of young people who are at risk of not having their opinion heard.”

Deputy Lyons continued: “If you’re a young person, or indeed anyone who isn’t sure whether you’re currently registered to vote, we’re asking you to please visit and follow the simple steps they provide before May 5th. Don’t miss this chance to ensure Ireland says yes to equality!”