Marriage Equality Launch 17.2.15

Labour Youth officially launched their ‘Yes to Marriage Equality’ campaign this afternoon with a marriage-themed photoshoot outside Leinster House.

Labour’s Director of Elections for the referendum, Minister Alex White, and prominent Marriage Equality campaigner, Labour TD John Lyons, both took part in the event.

Labour Youth National Chairperson, Jack Eustace, commented: “Labour Youth are extremely proud to be campaigning for a Yes vote in this referendum campaign. If the polls have shown one thing so far, it’s that passage of this vital proposition is far from a guarantee. It’s absolutely essential that all supporters of Marriage Equality get active in spreading the word in our communities, families and our friendship circles to generate support and enthusiasm for polling day.”

Also at the event, Labour Youth Campaigns Officer Jason Deegan commented: “As long-standing supporters of civil marriage equality we in Labour Youth are very eager to do our part to ensure this referendum passes. Equality is the defining issue of our time, and we want to live in an Ireland where the love felt by our LGBTQ citizens is finally treated equally.”

Concluding, Eustace commented: “We have a rare opportunity this summer to send out a beacon of hope for every person who has been led to believe their relationship is somehow less valuable or committed because of who they love. It’s up to all of us to get across the Yes campaign’s message of equality and respect, and land a real win for love and inclusion this May.”


Speaking on the 34th anniversary of the Stardust tragedy, Labour Youth National Chairperson Jack Eustace commented: “As we approach Valentine’s weekend, it’s with great sorrow we remember the awful events of February 14th 1981. Forty-eight young lives were lost in the Stardust nightclub that night, with some 215 injured. For many of the families affected, the heartbreak is still very real.

“We in Labour Youth believe there are still many unanswered questions surrounding the tragedy and support the work of those seeking justice for their loved ones. We urge the Minister for Justice to establish a new inquiry into the Stardust fire in the hopes that the families concerned can finally get the closure they deserve.”

Anne Ferris Should Not Be Expelled from the Parliamentary Labour Party – Labour Youth

Speaking on Deputy Anne Ferris’ decision to vote in favour of advancing the Fatal Foetal Abnormalities Amendment Bill, National Chairperson of Labour Youth Jack Eustace stated: “The last few days have been very difficult for ordinary members of the Labour Party who wish to see the loosening of Ireland’s extremely restrictive abortion regime. Although the instinct of the party leadership will be to remove the whip from Deputy Ferris, we in Labour Youth believe there are strong grounds not to punish Anne for her decision this evening. We believe that Deputy Ferris voted with her conscience and within the bounds of existing party policy as decided by the membership. To lose a T.D. so well-respected and dedicated to the pursuit of social justice would be a significant blow. We would therefore strongly appeal that the full force of the party whip not be exercised in this case.“
Eustace continued, “What is now absolutely vital is that the Labour Party redoubles its commitment to repealing the Eighth Amendment and bringing in modern legislation that supports women in difficult situations, rather than forcing them overseas to exercise their bodily autonomy. We waited two decades for vital action on the X Case. The Government should show that the lessons of past negligence have been learned, and begin work to alleviate the suffering caused by Fatal Foetal Abnormalities without delay.”