Register to vote!

A National Meeting of Labour Youth members on 13 November voted unanimously to call for a Yes vote in the upcoming Children’s Rights Referendum.


As the Children’s Rights Referendum is a vote on a proposed amendment to Bunreacht na hÉireann, only Irish citizens may vote.

You can check on-line if you are still entitled to vote, go to Check the Register.

If you’re an Irish citizen and not yet registered to vote, you haven’t much time left!


To be able to vote in this referendum, your application must be received by your local authority (e.g. County Council) by 23 October! 

If you are on the register but have moved address you must complete relevant application form (RFA3). Irish versions of these forms are also available for download – (RFA2) or (RFA3).

If you need to add your name to the Register, you can download the relevant application form and ensure that this (RFA 2) form is verified at either your local Garda Station or Local Authority offices.