Labour Youth for Choice!

Labour Youth members following the March for Choice, Dublin (29 September 2012)


We believe that the issue of abortion in Ireland must be addressed politically, and no longer swept under the carpet.  We call on the Government to:

  • Introduce legislation to make provision for abortion in Ireland were there is a substantial risk to the life of the woman, including the risk of suicide, as upheld by the ‘X’ case ruling.
  • Ensure that abortion is provided for in such cases.
  • Address the issue of abortion in the longer term, leading to the repeal of anti-abortion legislation and Article 40.3.3. of the Irish Constitution (Anti-Choice amendment).

Ensure that abortion provision in Ireland is accessible to all women on an equitable basis.

Labour Youth works with our colleagues in Labour Women and Labour Equality in our fight for change law.

If you would like to join Labour Youth at the March for Choice in Belfast on 6 October, contact

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