Lack of action in relation to Jobseekers Allowance is not acceptable.

Labour Youth has described as inexcusable the budget’s lack of action on the discrimination faced by younger Jobseekers, and has called for the issue to be addressed in the imminent Social Welfare Bill.

Labour Youth National Chairperson Jack Eustace said, “Today’s decision not to restore or even raise the level of Jobseeker’s Allowance available to younger people is simply inexcusable. Again and again, Labour Youth has raised this injustice and the intolerable way it perpetuates inequality in modern Ireland. To see no restorative action in a budget which nonetheless found money to cut taxes is simply an insult.”

“We are proud of our vigorous campaign and of every one of our own members and supporters who contributed to its progress. We are also extremely grateful to those Labour public representatives who offered their support for a better deal for young jobseekers over the last few months. And we commend Minister Kevin Humphreys for his sincere engagement with our proposals.”

“Of course it remains Labour Youth’s committed policy to push for total restoration of the cuts made to under 26’s Jobseeker’s Allowance. We will continue to pursue this aim as we believe there is absolutely no role for age-based discrimination in our welfare system.”

“However, the decision not to take action in Budget 2016 is one we can’t stand over. The government has one further chance to rectify this oversight by including a raise in young Jobseeker’s Allowance in the imminent Social Welfare Bill, and we strongly urge them to take it.”

“We cannot over-emphasize the importance of this opportunity not being missed.”

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