Labour Youth Condemns Tax Deal with Apple as an Attack on Citizens of Europe

Labour Youth condemns the actions of the Irish Government and Apple as an attack on all citizens of the European Union. In allowing such a low rate of tax to be paid by Apple, we have seen that the government has acted in the interests of large multinationals to the detriment of average citizens. Labour Youth is today calling on the Irish government not to appeal the decision of the European Commission in light of the ruling which awards Ireland up to €13 billion in back-taxes from Apple.

National Chairperson of Labour Youth, Grace Williams said “It is nothing short of a disgrace that representatives of this government are not only excusing tax avoidance by a multinational worth billions, but are seeking to appeal a ruling which overwhelmingly condemns it. The government must accept the decision of the European Commission. To appeal this decision shows little regard for the struggles which families have felt at the hands of austerity. Ireland’s post-crash mantra of everyone sharing the economic responsibility equally, it seems, does not apply to corporations worth billions.”

Williams said “For the government, and Minister for Finance Michael Noonan, to repeatedly acknowledge how difficult austerity was on Irish people while also being fully supportive of illegal tax subsidies to companies like Apple is outrageous.”

Vice President of the Young European Socialists (YES) Neil Warner said “Working class people across Europe were asked to shoulder austerity by successive governments. The actions of Apple and the Irish Government shows that they were asked to do so to the benefit of large corporations.”

Warner added “These actions show, without doubt, that there was an opportunity to alleviate the burden on average citizens and that this opportunity was ignored by the Irish state. Worse still, they supported a scheme that saw increased burden on both Irish and European citizens.”

Warner concluded “The tax owed to Ireland and other European nations could have provided significant alleviation to a cohort of people who were told austerity was the only option. The Irish Government’s decision to appeal this ruling is incredibly disappointing to myself and millions of citizens across Europe.”

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