Labour Youth welcomes long overdue win for Clerys workers



Labour Youth has today welcomed the announcement of the deal that was secured with the new Clerys owner that will benefit the former workers, describing it as “a win for workers’ rights and the trade union movement”.

Speaking on the matter Kevin Donoghue, National Chairperson of Labour Youth commented: “I would like to commend SIPTU and the Lord Mayor of Dublin Brendan Carr for securing this agreement which will benefit the 460 workers who lost their jobs almost two years ago, and for those that will work in the new development. I would also like to acknowledge the tremendous work of Senator Ged Nash who stood by the workers from day one as Minister for Jobs.

“It’s been a long road for the Clerys workers who have gone through what no person should in the 21stCentury, and as an organisation that has campaigned in solidarity with them from the beginning we’re glad to see it reach this successful outcome.

“Importantly, this also demonstrates the vital importance and benefit of being in a trade union and what workers can achieve when they organise collectively.

“However, ensuring that this never happens again remains an outstanding issue that must be resolved and we will continue to work with Ged Nash and the Labour Party to push the legislation to close the loophole that allowed this to happen in the first place so that no worker should have to go through this ordeal again.”

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