Labour Youth Chair, Chloe Manahan has described as “necessary” the Stand for Truth protests as well as those held in an occupation of a house on North Frederick Street by activists during this week’s visit to Ireland by Pope Francis.

“The Catholic Church’s continuous efforts to remain above the law, to obstruct investigations into clerical abuse, and its legacy on human rights issues cannot simply be swept under the carpet for the weekend. The reception of the Pope has come at a huge expense to the taxpayer. Those who have funded his visit should not be expected to suspend their hurt at the actions of those in his organisation and the subsequent inaction of his institution in dealing with them.

“To add further insult to injury, we have seen that homeless people in Dublin have been moved out of the city centre for the weekend, rendering cynical the Papal visit to the Capuchin Day Centre. This is a far cry from the compassion and humanity that might be expected at an event such as this.

“The weekend’s festivities will be soured for many as we remember the dark legacy of the Church in this country: the Magdalene Laundries, countless abuse scandals, control of our education and health system, the maltreatment of women and the LGBT+ community, the list goes on.

“The Church must adopt a more progressive stance on issues related to human rights. The handing over of all relevant files relating to abuse cases must also happen without delay. Those who abused their power to cause grave harm must be brought to justice. We need accountability.”

Labour Youth stands in solidarity with those victimised by the Catholic Church, and reaffirms its commitment to building a truly secular republic.

26th August 2018

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