Maynooth University


  • Chairperson | Dylan Kennedy
  • Chief Whip | Robert O’Donnell
  • Treasurer | Liam Haughey
  • Women’s and Equality Officer | Gabriele Balciunaite
  • MDO | Sean McCarthy
  • Communications Officer | Liam Haughey

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Labour Youth is one of the largest societies on Maynooth University’s campus. It was founded in 2009 and has grown into one the largest branches in the country. It has produced many members of Labour Youth’s National Executive such as Declan Meenagh, Ellen Murphy and Robert O’Donnell.

It was active in the 2016 General Election as well as the Maynooth Students Union Referendum on Repeal The 8th in which it ran a joint campaign with the Feminist Society and the Socialist Society.

It has regular events and socials, if you’re a student in Maynooth University email the society to join!